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All my science fiction books are e-published.  They are available on Amazon Kindle and other e-book platforms through Smashwords.  Below is a short description of each.  For the novels, click on the covers to read the first two chapters- enjoy!

Latest Releases:

Bleak – The story of a shapeshifter

They created an abomination, but now they need him…

“If you like hard sci-fi, battles, intrigue, a touch of romance, space opera and intelligently written speculative fiction, then this is the book for you.”

The Confederation used the ultimate spies to put down the rebellion. Now they cannot be allowed to live. Bleak is on the run. Then a desperate Catrinas Pekrov decides she might have a use for his particular talents after all.

Bleak’s has no choice. He is now involved in a plot that will threaten the future of the newly reunited Confederation.

Amazon link: Bleak – The story of a shapeshifter

Smashwords link: Bleak – The story of a shapeshifter

Read the first two chapters here.



Bleak – The first mission

A 10,000 word novelette prequel to ‘Bleak – The story of a shapeshifter’.  This now FREE! on Smashwords

Amazon link: ‘Bleak – The first mission’. 

Smashwords link ‘Bleak – The first mission’.





Dancing with the Devil – Ten short stories of the weird and the wonderful for those pressed for time.

Including ‘Bleak – The first mission’, the prequel to ‘Bleak – The story of a shapeshifter.

Amazon link: ‘Dancing with the Devil’.


Other Published Books:


Project Noah

At the end of the twenty-first century, planet Earth is in trouble.  Despite a century of talk and targets, the population is still increasing, climate change has not been arrested, sea levels are rising and millions of people are suffering starvation and death.  In London, a scientist using gene nanomanipulation discovers a treatment that may arrest or severely restrict the ageing process.

Professor Gunther Kleim chairs a group of fifty of Europe’s top scientists, economists and sociologists tasked with modelling the future.  When the potential for people to live well beyond their natural lifespan is included, the inescapable outcome is the breakdown of human civilisation.  To give the world hope, Gunther proposes Project Noah.  With the support of Dirk Reed, a multi-billionaire businessman, and despite opposition and sabotage, they embark on the most audacious and ambitious project of science and exploration since man first set foot on the moon.  The aim – to preserve a piece of civilisation, taking thousands, eventually hundreds of thousands of people, to the stars.

‘Project Noah’ is now available on all major platforms and through ‘Smashwords.’

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Ancestral Dreams:  The Return

Major Danjay and his captains, Agreb, an elf, and Mizon, a centaur, and the Byzantine sector forces are on the planet of Kwasang, quelling an uprising led by the fanatic Jakan.  Danjay is badly injured. Only his smartsuit, his bionanotech and the prompt action of Agreb and Mizon save his life.

Elves and centaurs had visited earth in man’s formative history.  They then retreated, ensuring their presence on earth passed into myth.  When eventually man reached out into the galaxy, the elves and centaurs were there to greet them.

Fifteen standards after Kwasang, the three heroes are once more on Jakan’s trail.  However, unknown to them, Jakan is under the control of another mythical creature, who with other members of its race, also visited earth in prehistoric times.  Their intentions however are far from altruistic.  For Danjay, this will not only mean confronting man’s ancient foe but also his own ancestry.

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Current Projects

My third book, ‘Bleak’ is now with early readers.  Following proof this should be published by the end of the year.  I am also working on two follow up volumes to ‘Ancestral Dreams’.

You can also find me at the Independant Author Network

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