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They created an abomination, but now they need him…

“If you like hard sci-fi, battles, intrigue, a touch of romance, space opera and intelligently written speculative fiction, then this is the book for you.”

Amazon link:  ‘Bleak – The story of a shapeshifter’.

Amazon links:  ‘Ancestral Dreams’    ‘Project Noah’


I’m Ian Martyn, science fiction and fantasy writer.  I live in Surrey in the United Kingdom. One long hot summer as a teenager (they were all long hot summers then, weren’t they?) I visited a friend’s house. Her Dad had a collection of sc-fi and fantasy paperbacks. The covers looked great. I picked one at random, started to read and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Now, I’m writing them.

My books are available through Amazon on Kindle and on other e-reading platforms.  ‘Bleak – the first mission’ is now free on Smashwords.

I am currently working on a mystery with a magical edge to it, working title  ‘Inspector Kirby and Harold Longcoat’.  I also have two follow-up volumes to ‘Ancestral Dreams’ in draft.

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As an author, of course, I want you to read and enjoy my books.  However, I also hope that you’ll follow the Blog.  If you read or write science fiction / fantasy I’ll discuss whatever issues I think might be interesting or fun.  Please comment and we’ll see where it takes us.

Stories and More contains examples of my short stories.

We all need help at times.  So for writers are books, links and other blogs that I have found, or that have been suggested to me, that have proved useful.

Want to know what I read?  In Inspiration I have listed books and authors that remind me of all that is great about writing, and reading.  Maybe you’ll find a new favourite.