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Apologies if this site does not work or look as good as it should.  A recent Theme update has changed so many setting.  I am currently repairing the damage – Ian Martyn

I’m Ian Martyn, Science Fiction writer.  My books are available through Amazon on Kindle and on other e-reading platforms.  ‘Bleak – the first mission’ is now free on Smashwords

Latest books:

They created an abomination, but now they need him…

“If you like hard sci-fi, battles, intrigue, a touch of romance, space opera and intelligently written speculative fiction, then this is the book for you.”

bleak-c2 bleak-the-first-mission-c2

Bleak – The story of a shape shifter is now available for dowload.  Amazon link:  ‘Bleak – The story of a shapeshifter’.

Also a 10,000 word novelette prequel, ‘Bleak – The first mission’ is Free! on Smashwords.  Amazon link:  ‘Bleak – The first mission’.



Dancing with the Devil – Ten short stories of the weird and the wonderful for those pressed for time.

Amazon link:  ‘Dancing with the Devil’.

Other Published Books:

‘Project Noah’ is also now available on all major platforms and through ‘Smashwords’.  More details of these books together with the first two chapters of each can be found in the ‘My Books’ section.

Amazon links:  ‘Ancestral Dreams’    ‘Project Noah’

I have a third book with early readers ‘Bleak’ which I hope to publish towards the end of the year.  I am also working on two follow-up volumes to ‘Ancestral Dreams’.  And if that wasn’t enough I plan to publish a volume of short stories in the near future.

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Click on the image to download my ‘A Companion to the Future’.

This is for anyone who reads or writes science fiction, or just has an interest in our future.

Why this web site?

As an author, of course, I want you to read my books.

However, I also hope that you’ll follow the Blog.  If you read or write science fiction I’ll discuss whatever issues I think might be interesting or fun.  Please comment and we’ll see where it takes us.  I’ll also document my progress to publishing and beyond.  If you’re an author / would be author perhaps you can learn from my experiences, or at least sympathise with them.

Stories and More contains examples of my short stories.  I may also let you see my attempts at poetry.

We all need help at times.  So Writers Resources are books, links and other blogs that I have found, or that have been suggested to me, that have proved useful.

In Inspiration I have listed books and authors that remind me of all that is great about writing, and reading.  Maybe you’ll find a new favourite in there.  Perhaps you’ll share some with me.

A bit about me

I’m a graduate in Zoology and I spent about thirty years working in the Pharmaceutical Industry. For the last twelve of those years I worked with various organisations, most notably the World Health Organisation (WHO) and a number of Universities, researching new treatments for diseases that primarily affect the developing world. Latterly, I concentrated on malaria, a disease that kills close to three quarters of million children under five years of age, in Africa, every year. Since leaving the industry I have been consulting in the same area.

My quitting the world of industry has also given me the time and freedom to write.  Since my teens I have devoured Science Fiction and Fantasy. During that time I have discovered many excellent books as well as many that, to me at least, appeared mediocre. Both, in their own ways, inspired me to continue with my own writing.

When not consulting and writing I enjoy golf, cycling, walking, playing the guitar (and now the banjo) and the garden.

You can also find me and my books at the Independant Author Network