5 more reasons writers should blog

blogger3aSome months ago I wrote a blog, ‘5 reasons why writers should blog’.  Well many more weeks of blogging have strengthened my belief of how important it is, to me at least as a writer.  So here are 5 more:

1) Connecting with people.

For me that means connecting particularly with other writers, other fans of science fiction and other writers of science fiction.  If I am to become a better writer and a better writer of science fiction that has to be important.  Writing the blog makes me think more about how others see my writing and the genre.  Going back to a point in that first blog , the immediacy of it and the fast turn around emphasises that.

2) Engaging people.

Similar to 1) I know, but I am separating it out to emphasise a subtle difference.  Blogging helps me learn how to engage with people using the written word, what works and what doesn’t.   That in turn has to help in engaging them when I come to write short stories or novels.  Even if I don’t get comments, learning which blogs are the most popular tells me something about what interests people and that then helps improve my blog and my writing.

3) Feedback.

I blog on science fiction ideas and writing.  The blogs are my thoughts on the subject.  Getting feedback and comments help me see the good in what I say and also the flaws in the arguments I’m making .  It is very easy as a writer to shut yourself off in splendid isolation thinking that everything you do or think is great.  That somehow because it interests you, others must also share that opinion.   Positive feedback is good, when someone shares your opinion or tells you they like your story.  But negative feedback is just as important, even if you don’t agree, you need take note that others out there may not share your view of the world, or in my case other worlds.

One of the things I intend to do more of is not just to read other people’s blogs but also to comment / give feedback / add to them.

4) Explore crazy ideas

Like most writers I have some interesting and perhaps crazy ideas of what might be a good subject for a story.  My blog helps me try out some of these concepts.  It allows me to ‘go off on one’ with a pet subject, something I advise against when it comes to keeping a reader of your books interested (see my blog series on what makes a good read, or not).   By writing it in a blog I get to see if works for me and hopefully any feedback I get will help me see if it works for readers as well.

5) It frees the brain.

A lot of the above is about writing something to see how it works.  In a blog you can afford to do this.  It’s a short one off piece, if it doesn’t work then it’s not the end of the world.  Also at least you’ve made people think.  If you’re trying something experimental you can always say that up front and ask for opinions.

In 3) above I mention getting and giving feedback, something I intend to do more of.  If you have any opinions on this or any other of my blogs I hope you’ll share them.

My thanks in antcipation,

Ian Martyn

Author: Ian Martyn

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    1. Glad it help’s. If you haven’t seen the first 5 reasons in my earlier blog have a look – it might convince you.

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