Blogette – New short story and updated inspirations

I have added a new short story ‘The Pickpocket’ (he doesn’t get quite what he’s expecting). Inspirations have also been updated.

I’ve added another short story ‘The Pickpocket’ (he doesn’t get quite what he’s expecting). travel A story of about 2,000 words inspired by the writing group I attend.


Inspirations list also updated with some of the references I sited in my blog ‘What did the Romans ever do for science fiction’.  Including:

Allan Massie – Augustus (and Tiberius).  A fantastic account of the life of the first emporer of Rome.  All the genius, intrigue, ruthlessness and brutality of the man and the times.

Tom Holland – ‘Rubicon: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic’ about the life of Julius Caesar and how he came to power

Simon Baker – ‘Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire’  Describes the key events in the life of the empire

Author: Ian Martyn

Science Fiction Writer

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