Indie authors – relish cross genre fiction

I enjoy my science fiction and my fantasy.  When I pick up a book (or these days download) in one of these genres I guess I know what I’m getting, I’m on safe ground.  Also, […]

Short stories – great for both writers and readers

I remember not long after my life-long addiction to science fiction and fantasy began I bought an Isaac Asimov book without realising it was a collection of short stories.  At first I felt a little […]

Writing – location, location, location

Recently I’ve been completing my latest project, working title:  Inspector Kirby and Harold Longcoat, a Northumbrian mystery.  The comments from beta readers are good and although there are a couple more to feedback I’ve sent […]

The fantasy fiction chicken and egg question?

In the UK there have been an interesting series of programs (on the BBC) by Andrew Marr looking in-depth at why we love reading fiction.  The first program concerned the genre of detective stories and the […]

Go on – read some fantasy

Last week I implored people to put aside prejudices of ‘genre fiction’ and read some science fiction.  This week I’m going to do the same for the cause of fantasy.  I suppose as a scientist […]