2014 – My blogging year

Well another year is almost over and I’m left wondering where some of it has gone.  As I get older I’m convinced someone is stealing the odd day from me here and there and over […]

25 things I’ve learnt from Science Fantasy

The last few blogs have been pretty serious writer stuff, so as I’m taking a break I thought my blog could as well.  A few weeks ago I listed 25 things I’ve learnt from science […]

Dr Who, its lasting appeal – from a fan

Like many people in the UK on Saturday I was looking forward to the start of the new season of Dr Who, except in my case we had friends round so I had to watch […]

The magic of fantasy – or sometimes not

As a science fiction writer I’m intrigued by sci-fi’s cousin, fantasy. I’ve read a lot over the years and compared to science fiction I’ve found it more unpredictable/more varied in terms of quality. I’ve read […]

My top 5 science fiction inventions

When considering my top five science fiction inventions I have tried to leave out the obvious that form the backbone of science fiction.  Those are of course space travel and in particular faster than light […]