A writer on location

My latest book is out to agents – fingers crossed.  Although, I won’t be too disappointed if it’s not taken up as I will be excited to see what I can do with it myself.  […]

Write because you love writing

On twitter I see offers all the time for, courses – how to write that block buster, that formula for success. I don’t believe them. I don’t mean that we can’t all learn, improve, sell […]

5 more reasons for writing and reading short stories

Some time ago I blogged on the value of short stories to a fiction writer, any fiction writer i.e. they shouldn’t be viewed as some lesser form of the writing craft or inferior.  If anything […]

A writer’s resolutions for 2015

OK I did this last year and it was only at the end of 2014 that I looked back at what I’d set myself.  So maybe one resolution should be to review my resolutions more […]

2014 – My blogging year

Well another year is almost over and I’m left wondering where some of it has gone.  As I get older I’m convinced someone is stealing the odd day from me here and there and over […]