That next book – to plan or not to plan?

There’s no doubt having a clear plan for your novel can help. However, do you have to have everything down in detail before you start writing?

All those writer courses – shop wisely

Now up front I want to say I’m not against paid on-line writer courses.  I can only comment on the ones I have looked at and in a couple of cases paid out good money […]

Indie author – afraid to change?

It’s daft I know.  There I am, an indie author, with books only selling the odd copy every now and then – yet for some reason I’m afraid to change things.  Perhaps part of it, […]

My writing – going back to basics 5)

I’m nearing the end of the James Patterson Master class set of videos.  I have a routine for them now, I watch them in two’s.  I watch the second one I watched the previous time […]

My writing – going back to basics 4)

For those that have been following my blog recently you’ll know that I have signed up for the on-line master class series by the best-selling thriller writer James Patterson.  Now, thrillers are not my thing […]