All those writer courses – shop wisely

Now up front I want to say I’m not against paid on-line writer courses.  I can only comment on the ones I have looked at and in a couple of cases paid out good money […]

What this writer has learnt in 2016

Another year has almost been and gone, zoomed past. I’m sure someone is stealing days and weeks from me and replacing them with vague memories (perhaps there’s a story there.)  Anyway, as 2016 draws to […]

My writing – going back to basics 5)

I’m nearing the end of the James Patterson Master class set of videos.  I have a routine for them now, I watch them in two’s.  I watch the second one I watched the previous time […]

My writing – going back to basics 4)

For those that have been following my blog recently you’ll know that I have signed up for the on-line master class series by the best-selling thriller writer James Patterson.  Now, thrillers are not my thing […]

My writing – going back to basics 3)

At the risk of repeating myself I decided that a little help from an author than has sold millions of books world-wide couldn’t do any harm.  So I signed up for his masterclass and committed […]