My writing – going back to basics 3)

At the risk of repeating myself I decided that a little help from an author than has sold millions of books world-wide couldn’t do any harm.  So I signed up for his masterclass and committed […]

My writing – I’m going back to basics

I admit it, my books are not selling.  Well not many anyway.  On my latest novel ‘Bleak – The story of a shape shifter’ I’ve spent some money on promotion but it is not even […]

Write because you love writing

On twitter I see offers all the time for, courses – how to write that block buster, that formula for success. I don’t believe them. I don’t mean that we can’t all learn, improve, sell […]

Writers – read more and wider

Left to my own devices I tend to stick to my genre, science fiction and given the choice, my favourite writers of the moment (or just my favourite authors if they have new book out).  There’s […]

Writers – lots in my summary blog

While I’m spending a week in the sun I thought I’d bring together some of my writing blogs.  So please dip in, I’m sure you’ll find something useful, encouraging or entertaining. 1)  Two recent blogs […]