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beachWhile I’m spending a week in the sun I thought I’d bring together some of my writing blogs.  So please dip in, I’m sure you’ll find something useful, encouraging or entertaining.

1)  Two recent blogs extolled the virtues of photographs for the writer, both the act of taking a photograph and the benefits of having those photographs to hand.

2)  And when you’ve taken those pictures use them in your author blog, if you’ve got one.  If not my blog might convince you as to why it’s a good idea.  It helps me, as an author, in ways that never occurred to me when I started blogging.

3)  Also combine taking those photographs with a good walk. I find walking allows me to clear my mind and practice those writing skills.

4)  As writers we’re bombarded with advice, some of it good, some of it perhaps not so. In two blogs I picked my way through the things I’d been told or read and decided what was ‘writer’s gold’ and what I felt needed to be treated with caution.  This also ties in with an earlier blog ‘If it doesn’t move the story along take it out’ where I argue this is one of those ‘rules’ often trotted out that may not always apply.

5)  Still not convinced about blogging? Or you are blogging and are wondering if it’s worth it?  My answer would always be yes – see my blog on author blogs and 5 reasons why authors should blog.  I hope this will convince you.

6) If you are an author, are you in a writing group. They are everywhere and once you get over that initial nervousness of reading out your work to what perhaps seem a group of much more experienced strangers, the benefits and support are well worth it.

7)  And if you need more help or advice I have given links in two blogs for some of my favourite blogs that appeal to me as a blogger and a writers. So have a look at ‘Blogs for bloggers and writers part 1) and part 2).

8)  If you are still stuck for inspiration as a writer after looking at some of the above, here are some of the places I look for mine. I guess it must work, I have more stories waiting to be written that I think I will ever have time to write.

9)  And when you’ve written that next literary masterpiece as we all know the work doesn’t stop there, it revisions, revisions and more revisions. I know the thought of it may seem tedious, when you just want to get it out there so the world can read it, but in another blog I suggest that you can ‘enjoy those revisions’.  I mean it as well, it is a time to introduce so much more texture and interest to your writing.

10)  Of course even when you’ve written that masterpiece and revised it to perfection as a self-published author it doesn’t stop there. There’s the launch.  As I discovered after launching my first two books they don’t sell themselves and with my soon to be released third book I aim to do a much better job of marketing.  So perhaps you can learn from mistakes (even sympathise) and my plans for next time round.

11)  Finally if after all this you’re wondering why any of do it then I hopefully answer that question in – ‘writers. why do we do it.

biscuits12)  And finally, finally, when you are writing your short stories, novels or blog you need sustenance. However, that can be a bit of a minefield as well, so check out one of my early blogs, ‘chocolate biscuits/biscuits for a writers – a critique.

13)  Finally, finally, finally.  If want something to read in those biscuit breaks, try my ‘Companion to the future‘, free download.

I know many of you are regular visitors so I hope you find this summary useful, maybe there are some you’ve missed or are worth revisiting.  If you’re new to my blog then I hope you enjoy them.  As always your comments are welcome.

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