Writers beware – sod’s law exists

Part of my first job on leaving Uni was in the quality assurance section of a scientific organisation.  Believe it or not, before the late 1970s little of it existed.  After all everyone was doing […]

Writers – lots in my summary blog

While I’m spending a week in the sun I thought I’d bring together some of my writing blogs.  So please dip in, I’m sure you’ll find something useful, encouraging or entertaining. 1)  Two recent blogs […]

Writers – enjoy those revisions

I know, I know, you’ve finally finished that first draft.  It has taken months, you’re proud it, it’s your best work yet and now you’re faced with being critical of it.  Also you have an […]

Writers and all that advice – part 2)

In part 1) last week I looked at what for me is writers’ ‘gold’, those pieces of advice, those rules or tips that I need a very good reason to ignore.  I say that because […]

‘If it doesn’t move the story along, take it out,’ – good advice or not?

OK, hands up, who’s been given, or read the advice that: ‘if it doesn’t move the story along, take it out’?   Or at least words to that effect.  My guess is just about every writer […]