Characters – where do they come from?

For me getting to know your characters and seeing them develop into fully rounded, if at times eccentric, individuals is one of the great pleasures of writing.  They become friends (is that strange?).  This is […]

How do you choose the settings for your stories?

When you read a book the setting is like another character.  It’s important, you want to picture the characters in their surroundings, even if your version of that picture is different to everyone else.  I’ve […]

Story settings and the reader’s mind

For me the setting of any book if it’s pivotal to the story becomes a character in the story.  The reader has to be able to see the setting in the same way they vision […]

Stuck? Writing something, anything, helps.

Over the last few weeks at the writing group I attend there has been some discussion on how those of us who are writing novels go about it, meticulous planning vs. just start and see […]

Writers – enjoy those revisions

I know, I know, you’ve finally finished that first draft.  It has taken months, you’re proud it, it’s your best work yet and now you’re faced with being critical of it.  Also you have an […]