What I’ve learnt from 4 years of blogging

Recently a site, The Digital Reader (morning coffee – 1 September 2017) picked up on a blog I wrote in 2014, 7 key things I’ve learnt from a year  of blogging.  To my pleasant surprise […]

Blogging – am I wasting my time?

In a recent series of blogs I described my experience of taking the James Patterson master class on writing.  This was triggered by the simple fact that I’m not selling many books, despite the fact […]

Blogging ‘how to’ part 3 – be patient!

When I started with what I’d learnt in over two years of blogging, I hadn’t intended to have a series of three more ‘how to’ blogs.  However, from some of the comments these have been […]

Blogging – some practical ‘how to’, part 2)

Two weeks ago I talked about what I’d learnt in over two years of blogging and then in response to feedback decided to blog some practical advice.  This in many ways turned out to be, […]

Blogging – Some practical ‘how to’, part 1)

Last weeks’ blog ‘blogging – what I’ve learned so far’ proved very popular and elicited a number of comments and questions, some of them around the practicalities of getting started and running a blog.  So […]