Blogging – what I’ve learned so far

I’ve been blogging now for over two years.  I publish every Wednesday and have accumulated over 125 posts.  I wouldn’t say that people flock to my blog but I do get a steady stream of […]

An author blog – what it can and can’t do for you, part 2)

In last weeks’ blog I mused on some of the things of the things that having an author blog has and hasn’t done for me.  It has improved me as a writer, but it hasn’t sold […]

An author blog – what it can and can’t do for you, part 1.

I’ve been blogging now for close to two years.  I publish my author blog every week on a Wednesday without fail (he says, fingers crossed) and have published over 100 posts.  Even when I go on […]

2014 – My blogging year

Well another year is almost over and I’m left wondering where some of it has gone.  As I get older I’m convinced someone is stealing the odd day from me here and there and over […]

7 key things I’ve learnt from a year of blogging

It’s hard to believe it is a year since I set up this web site and started blogging.  One year on I’ve published two books for Kindle and over fifty blogs.  I’ve read a lot […]