What I’ve learnt from 4 years of blogging

Recently a site, The Digital Reader (morning coffee – 1 September 2017) picked up on a blog I wrote in 2014, 7 key things I’ve learnt from a year  of blogging.  To my pleasant surprise […]

Blogging ‘how to’ part 3 – be patient!

When I started with what I’d learnt in over two years of blogging, I hadn’t intended to have a series of three more ‘how to’ blogs.  However, from some of the comments these have been […]

Writers and the dilemma of social media

Last week’s blog ‘The responsibilities of the self-published author‘ seems to have resonated with many people.  One of the things I touched on briefly was social media if only in that you still see people on […]

The responsibilities of a self-publishing author

In the last few years self-publishing has gone from being thought of as only something for the unpublishable (and by definition second class) to being a real choice for new authors.  It is so easy […]

30 things I’ve learnt in 2014

I started this review by looking back at the 30 things I’d learnt in 2013.  That year was a big learning curve, e-publishing my first books, developing and launching this site and much more.  So […]