Go on, try it – read some science fiction

I write science fiction, I read science fiction and I watch science fiction.  That’s not all I do I hasten to add.  If you’ve been reading my blog recently you’ll know I’ve been reading a […]

My monthly science highlights – 8)

The end of the month again and time for another dose of science inspiration.  The more I do this, the more I see ideas that only a few years ago were science fiction becoming science […]

2015 – Inspiration from one writer’s year

I will start by saying it is impossible to look back on this year without being reminded of the many terrible events that have taken place.  And in many ways the world seems to have […]

Information technology – who’s in charge?

Now I’m of an age where I can remember setting out on a car journey with just a map and a good idea of how to get there.  No satnav, no mobile phone and in […]

Technology – my love/hate relationship with it

The inspiration for this blog comes from the fact that I’m going on holiday for a week and as a regular blogger I will be releasing, promoting and tracking my blog while I’m away (hopefully).  […]