Robots – will they make us lazy?

I suppose I could rephrase this with ‘robots (machines) are making us lazy.’  Machines have and are increasingly ensuring that, in the west at least, fewer and fewer of us have jobs/lives that entail hard, […]

Free Download – ‘A Companion to the Future’

When I looked back at my blogs on science and science fiction it made me realise how much effort I had put in to considering what is happening in the world and where that might […]

Is technology freeing us or restricting us – part 3)

For the last two weeks I’ve had a bit of a rant about how technology, rather than saving me time, is actually wasting my time.  So for this final (I promise) blog on the subject […]

Is technology freeing us or wasting our time?

I am old enough to remember when everyone didn’t have a computer.  When keeping touch meant talking on the phone, or writing a letter, or actually meeting people (yes I know!).  Also entertainment was three […]

30 things I’ve learnt in 2014

I started this review by looking back at the 30 things I’d learnt in 2013.  That year was a big learning curve, e-publishing my first books, developing and launching this site and much more.  So […]