The future is – Rubbish?

As a science fiction writer I can’t help but wonder where human society is heading, including the exciting, the good and the not so good.  Every year brings wondrous advances in science and technology of all kinds.  […]

Future housing – the only way is up?

First apologies for dragging up memories of the 1988 song by Yazz (and yes I did have to look it up).  As a purveyor of science fiction I am naturally interested in what the future […]

Free Download – ‘A Companion to the Future’

When I looked back at my blogs on science and science fiction it made me realise how much effort I had put in to considering what is happening in the world and where that might […]

A transport vision for those megacities of the future.

A month or so ago I produced a series of blogs looking at what might become of our cities in the future. According to those that supposedly know, by the middle of this century it […]

Eating, drinking and bars in science fiction

In a series of three blogs starting with ‘Where is society going? What will the future look like?’ I take a look at what life might be like in the near future, in this case […]