Meet “Bleak” – a human shapeshifter

If you’ve read my recent blog you’ll know that I’ve re-launched my book Bleak – The story of a shapeshifter.  From the feedback I’ve had, verbally, via e-mail and reviews, those who’ve read the book have […]

Writing makes you an observer

I started writing in the last year I worked before taking a package and leaving an industry I’d been in for thirty years. Like big companies do they were reorganising which left me with little […]

Fortitude – a lesson from the canal builders

At the weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to spend a few days on a narrow boat belonging to friends.  Despite the weather’s attempts to put a damper on things a great time […]

Robots – will they make us lazy?

I suppose I could rephrase this with ‘robots (machines) are making us lazy.’  Machines have and are increasingly ensuring that, in the west at least, fewer and fewer of us have jobs/lives that entail hard, […]

Is technology freeing us or wasting out time – part 2

OK last week I seem to have had a bit of a post-holiday rant about technology and how much time it’s wasting me rather than, as advertised, saving me.  And no I can’t see how […]