Orion – we’re off again!

A few blogs ago I enthused about Rosetta and how it seemed to have reignited interest in space exploration.   And anyone who’s read my past blogs (e.g. ‘The human race needs to leave earth’) will […]

Stephen Hawking and artificial intelligence

As I writer of science fiction Stephen Hawking’s pronouncment on this subject  was bound to grab my attention.  One of the most eminent scientists of our generation talking doom and gloom and the possible end of […]

Post apocalypse science fiction

You can’t read or watch science fiction without coming across the ‘post apocalypse’ part of the genre.  I wouldn’t say that it’s a favourite of mine, but you can’t avoid it.  It pops up time […]

Where are we going people?

A number things have happened recently that make wonder/worry? about this.  And I mean where are we going as a society?  Many of my blogs have looked at what we are doing with our world, […]

Science fiction – 25 things it has taught me

After last week’s slightly, perhaps, gloomy blog ‘Do we have a future to look forward to’ I thought I had better lighten things up a little this week.  So as any regular reader of my […]