My advice to writers – take a walk

For those who have followed my blog you’ll see from some of the photos (e.g. the front page) that I occasionally go walking.  I’m not fanatical, always out there, striding across the hills, but I […]

The Trouble with Aliens

In a critique of my first book ‘Ancestral Dreams’ I was told my aliens were not alien enough.  The premise is that these creatures visited earth many thousands of years ago and passed into legend.  […]

Future homes – what will we really need?

This blog was inspired by the fact that I’ve just invested in a new pc.  The old one was, well getting old, slowing down.  I know how it feels.  However unlike myself I could transfer […]

The human race needs to leave earth

What sparked this week’s blog was a program I watched recently.  It emerged that if we keep cutting down the Amazon rainforest at the current rate it will be all gone in two hundred years.   […]

UFOs a personal experience. But do I believe?

Ah, yes, UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) myth or real? I’d like to believe I really would. However in this age of quality digital cameras with zoom lenses and camera phones etc. why are we still […]