My monthly science highlights – 5)

My monthly eclectic mix of science highlights have proved popular in 2015 so I’ll continue in 2016. As a science fiction writer I scan for such things a) because I’m interested and b) because you […]

My monthly science highlights – 3)

How the weeks fly. It’s the end of the month again and time for my own personal eclectic mix of picks in the world of science that have come to my attention in the last […]

Science fiction, small creatures and alien life

Perhaps weirdly this blog is inspired by watching an insect on my bathroom floor.  It was so small you needed a lens to see any detail at all.  But there it is, perfect in its […]

Holiday inspiration – part 2)

The second week of the holiday and therefore the second of the holiday inspiration blogs.  We are now in the Loire near Saumur, a lovely part of the world and well worth exploring.  We have […]

Future homes – what will we really need?

This blog was inspired by the fact that I’ve just invested in a new pc.  The old one was, well getting old, slowing down.  I know how it feels.  However unlike myself I could transfer […]