A writer’s resolutions for 2018

In my previous blog I reflected on what I’d learnt in 2017.  So now It’s time to look forward to a new year and make my writer’s plans for 2018, a.k.a. resolutions.  I do this […]

One writer’s resolutions for 2017

I do this every year and yes looking back I don’t always follow all my resolutions.  However, at the beginning of the year it’s not a bad idea to review what you did last year […]

A writer’s resolutions for 2016

OK, I make writing resolutions every year.  Do they help?  Yes, I think they do.  It’s good to focus your mind at the beginning of a new year on what you would like to achieve, concentrate on, […]

8 Writers ‘Resolutions’

I’m calling these resolutions because it’s that time of year.  But they’re more a collection of things I know I need to do to “maximise my potential” (sorry that’s a phrase from a previous incarnation […]