Here Goes….

Here goes…. My opening blog. A bit more about me and why I write Science Fiction.

My opening blog so I guess I should say a bit more about myself, why I’m doing this and what I hope you and I might get out of it.

Clearly my hope is that when I do publish my books you’ll be sufficiently interested to read them.  So yes, this is me self marketing and building a profile.  However, I haven’t published yet and it is that writing/e-publishing journey that will form the basis for this blog.  Although I can’t promise not to go off script at times.  That’s one of the great things about any journey, you don’t know what’s going to distract you along the way.   My aim is to blog a couple of times a week.   So, I hope you’ll come with me, make suggestions, express opinions, ask questions.  That way we can all learn something.

A subject recently at my writers group (more of that in a future blog) was ‘why do I write’.  Now at the time it did take me down a different route and a poem, which after some polishing may find its way onto the site.  However, it is something I’ve asked myself in recent years.   If you’re a writer you must have done the same.  me3I have to admit I wasn’t one of those kids who spent all their spare time writing stories.  In that sense I haven’t always been a ‘writer’.  I have always read fiction (I find it hard, when I talk to some friends, to understand that not everyone does).  I’ve had ideas for books in the past.  About fifteen, twenty years ago I started writing them down.  I even wrote an opening few thousand words to some of them.  Then about five years ago things changed at work, which left me loads of time twiddling my thumbs.  So rather than twiddle I set too and wrote my first book.  I knew little about the process, mechanics and rules of writing at the time, which became obvious later (another blog perhaps).  But I did enjoy it.  So when the option of leaving the company came along I grabbed it with the idea of spending more time writing.  I found I enjoyed it even more, the plots, the characters, the whole thing.  The fact that sometimes it just seems to pour out of my fingers as if on a direct line from my subconscious, bypassing the conscious brain.


The next question is, why science fiction?  Science and the wonders of it have always been a fascination.  I studied Zoology at University.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.  I rememberfirst drwho watching the very first episode  of ‘Dr Who’ at the age of six (yes, I am that old).  I remember watching the Apollo 11 moon landing at school, then being dragged out of bed in the early hours to see those first blurry images of Neil Armstrong walking down the ladder onto the surface.  One of my school books had my address as …United Kingdom, Europe, The Earth, The Solar System, The Milky Way, The Galaxy, The Universe.  Then at about the age of fifteen I read Arthur Clarke’s ‘Childhoods End’.  The ending blew my mind.  I was hooked, for life, it seems.  My wife says I should write a contemporary novel.  I’ve had some ideas, but then they turn Science ‘Fictiony’ or ‘Fantasy’y’.  Maybe one day I’ll give it a go.

Well I think that’s about enough for now.  Maybe it’s tweaked a few thought as to why you write (if you do) or why you read science fiction and what got you hooked.  Let me know.


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