Ship’s blog – Winston returns

Hi, it’s Ship and as promised this is the first of my blogs. Winston’s on his way back.

Introducing my guest blogger – ‘Ship’

I’ve invited a guest blogger for a couple of weeks, well he kind of invited himself. Anyway he’s called ‘Ship’, yes just ‘Ship’. This is his introduction.

Flash! Friday entry – 26 July

My Flash!Friday entry for 26th July, which got me a 2nd runner up spot.  It pleased me anyway.  Follow the link and have a go. He watched the car descend, taking with it his wife, […]

Aliens in science fiction – how alien are they?.

Do you have a favourite alien? and if so why? Are we as writers lazy in that most aliens seem to be human like bipeds?

Chocolate biscuits / biscuits for writers – a critique

As a writer I spend a long time at the keyboard. Biscuits, and mainly chocolate ones, keep me going. But which are the best? A personal study.