Pluck up courage – it’s time for a relaunch

In some ways I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to make the decision to invest in a book relaunch.  I launched Bleak last November and lots of people (and not just friends) […]

A challenge to celebrity and well-known authors

This blog challenge is inspired by two things: 1) I am trying to read and review more self-published authors, which I feel is only fair if I’m asking others to read and review my books. […]

New Books – what now? part 2)

Last week I outlined some of the activities I am planning to try to market my new novel, ‘Bleak – The story of a shapeshifter‘.  This includes a free 10,000 word prequel on Smashwords.  I also […]

New Books – what now? part 1)

Some months ago I blogged about what my plans might be when I was ready to launch my new book.  Well everything is ready to go and ‘Bleak – The story of a shape shifter’ is […]

What is the right price for a Kindle book?

This question was brought into focus for me recently.  I meet with a group of friends (20 -25 of us) once a month over a meal and a few glasses of wine.  And of course […]