Those pre-launch jitters – what to do?

My last book, Inspector Kirby and Harold Longcoat – A Northumbrian Mystery went down well with those who read it.  There just weren’t enough of those readers.  A familiar story to many out there I’m […]

New Books – what now? part 2)

Last week I outlined some of the activities I am planning to try to market my new novel, ‘Bleak – The story of a shapeshifter‘.  This includes a free 10,000 word prequel on Smashwords.  I also […]

New book – launch plan, well almost.

If you follow my blog you might be aware that I have a new book coming out soon ‘Bleak’, a story of a manipulent (shapeshifter).  My son has promised me the cover design soon and […]

New book launch – learning from past mistakes

Last week I wrote of my rather haphazard view of book launching for my first two novels: ‘The tale of a new writer – Planning (or not) for a book launch’.  I have to admit […]