New book – launch plan, well almost.

launchplanIf you follow my blog you might be aware that I have a new book coming out soon ‘Bleak’, a story of a manipulent (shapeshifter).  My son has promised me the cover design soon and I’m trying to put together a launch plan.  With my first two I launched them on Kindle tweeted and waited, and waited… and waited.  I put them on a few free sites and some not so expensive sites.  And, well, the results were disappointing.  I joked with friends that I made enough to buy a few rounds of drinks which is not far from the truth.  The simple fact is I had thought little of the launch, assuming somehow that sales would just happen.  I would say at this point that I’m not trying to make a fortune from my writing (Although, no, I wouldn’t turn it down), but to start with paying back what I have invested would be good and after that everything’s a bonus.  I would also say that those who have read my books enjoyed them.  So if you’re looking for something to read why not give them a go?

So, back to the launch plan.  I have read blogs, books and articles and tried to distil some sort of coherent strategy and there it is in the picture!  And yes it’s being scrutinised by a cartoon giraffe, but he’s been with me for a long time.  OK it doesn’t look much, but the ideas are there:

1)  The cover itself needs wording that will tie in with the metadata and the search words that Amazon will use.  If you search ‘science fiction authors’ (in my case) a list of Amazon’s top one hundred will pop up, not a bad place to start when considering book covers.  More and more are using subtitles or single line descriptions on the cover, not only to attract the viewer, but also I suspect to make use of the metadata and search words.

2)  Also one piece of advice I read suggests that people often need to see something six or seven times before deciding to buy.  So get that book cover out there in as many places as possible.  For me that means onto sites, blogs, reviews etc. etc.  I have some lined up, but I need more – all suggestions welcome.

3)  Enticement (or freebee) – I have a 10,000 word prequel ready to go which I will give away for free from my site.  One question is can I get this on Amazon? And other sites? – anyone know?

4)  I have one give away on my site already which has allowed me to collect some e-mail addresses (not as many as I’d hoped I admit), so of course I will notify them.

5)  I also have a collection of short stories in the back of which will be the prequel and a couple of chapters.  I may give this away for free as well or sell at $0.99.  This is something I can play with to see which yields the best results.  I will also have a free period for one of my other books at this time.

6)  Reviews and blogs.  I know a few places where I might get my book reviewed or featured in a blog.  If you know of more please let me know.

7)  On the subject of reviews I have a few people lined up for pre-launch copies of my book with the aim of getting some early book reviews onto Amazon, Goodreads etc.  However, this is still something I need to work on.  If you would like a free copy and then would be kind enough to give me an early review please let me know.

Thinking8)  Now when it comes to getting the book out there I do intend to spend some money with who now boast over 500,000 followers.  They already have one of my other books ‘Project Noah.’  What I do need to do, given my ideas for the prequel and the short stories etc., is consult with them how to make the most of all these activities within what they do.

That’s about it for now.  I know there is still work to do, but at least this time I feel I understand more of what’s needed.  I also have a core collection of actions that I can work with.  If you have any views on this, things that I’m missing or things that have worked for you please let me know.

Ian Martyn

P.S. anyone know of a cure for tendinitis of the elbow?

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4 thoughts on “New book – launch plan, well almost.”

  1. I’d be happy to host your book launch with on my blog if you can give me a date?
    If it’s still vague, no bother, I don’t post every day of the week so I will be able to fit it in somewhere around the launch date.

    1. Deborah – much appreciated. I think I’m planning for beginning September. I’m on hols for 3 weeks from early August, so seems little point launching just before I go away. I want to get pre-launch copies out before I go so everything is in place for when I get back. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again, Ian

  2. Ian, darling, please proof your copy. “The simple fact is had thought little..” I am very bad about proofing my own. I do understand but give it a go.

    1. I am reproved – it seems no matter how much I proof my own work the odd one gets through. For my books I do use a proof reader.

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