Blogs for bloggers and writers – part 2)

A few weeks ago I wrote the first of these and promised to come back to the subject.  OK it has taken a bit longer than anticipated and yes I did get distracted a) with […]

Is e-publishing changing the length of a book?

Looking on my book shelves at some of the science fiction that first inspired me I see books that at most are 250 pages.  My copy of Asimov’s Foundation and Empire is less than 200 […]

I’ve finally e-published! – 13 things I’ve learnt

Yes I’ve finally done it.  Those are my books (link for more information) and they are available through Amazon on Kindle.  It’s been quite a journey.  I can’t believe it is five years since I walked out […]

Blogette – New short story and updated inspirations

I have added a new short story ‘The Pickpocket’ (he doesn’t get quite what he’s expecting). Inspirations have also been updated.