Science fiction – 25 things it has taught me

After last week’s slightly, perhaps, gloomy blog ‘Do we have a future to look forward to’ I thought I had better lighten things up a little this week.  So as any regular reader of my […]

Dr Who, its lasting appeal – from a fan

Like many people in the UK on Saturday I was looking forward to the start of the new season of Dr Who, except in my case we had friends round so I had to watch […]

The Trouble with Aliens

In a critique of my first book ‘Ancestral Dreams’ I was told my aliens were not alien enough.  The premise is that these creatures visited earth many thousands of years ago and passed into legend.  […]

Don’t condemn science fiction to a ‘genre’ box

Why is science fiction condemned to that somewhat shabby heading of ‘genre fiction’? As if anything that falls within ‘genre’ is of lesser value? That somehow it’s not serious fiction (not that I’m sure what […]