Science fiction, small creatures and alien life

Perhaps weirdly this blog is inspired by watching an insect on my bathroom floor.  It was so small you needed a lens to see any detail at all.  But there it is, perfect in its […]

The universe – 15 mind boggling facts

I have a dictionary that I was given at Christmas when I was eleven and in my first year at secondary school.  On the blank opening page I wrote my name and address.  After the […]

Go on – read some science fiction

OK, I know, I would say this, I’m a science fiction writer, and yes I hope at some point you might read mine.  However, there is a whole world (actually many worlds) of excellent science […]

Post apocalypse science fiction

You can’t read or watch science fiction without coming across the ‘post apocalypse’ part of the genre.  I wouldn’t say that it’s a favourite of mine, but you can’t avoid it.  It pops up time […]

Science fiction – dare to imagine

I see science fiction writers as those who dare to imagine, who aren’t restricted by what people think is possible or not.  Throughout history there have always been those who thought beyond the perceived wisdom […]