My monthly science highlights – 10)

I can’t believe I have now been producing these monthly blog round ups of what’s caught my eye in science for 10 months. From the feedback they seem to be appreciated. So here we go […]

Science fiction and science – chicken and egg?

So the chicken and egg conundrum, which comes first? I think the same is true of science and science fiction.  I was reminded of this by the recent pictures of the Spacex reusable booster coming […]

My monthly science highlights – 2)

Yes, this is the second of my monthly science round-up blogs.  As I said last time they’re not in any order.  Nor are they necessarily of mind boggling importance, they are just things that have […]

Science fiction writers – must try harder?

From what I’ve read science fiction as a genre is at a bit of a low ebb, which as a writer of science fiction is not the best news.  On the other hand if my […]

My monthly science highlights – 1)

  As a science fiction writer I regularly scan twitter and some of the news sites for the latest developments and discoveries in science.  You never know what might inspire, or weave itself into a […]