My monthly science highlights – 10)

I can’t believe I have now been producing these monthly blog round ups of what’s caught my eye in science for 10 months. From the feedback they seem to be appreciated. So here we go […]

Men and machines – and what does it mean to be human?

A couple of months ago I produced two blogs discussing robots and androids; why would we want them to look like us and what would human like androids get out of life.  These seemed to generate quite […]

Life, how long can we live (part3) – How will that affect society?

If we can live for hundreds of years will ‘young’ and ‘old will lose their meaning? How will that affect society?

Life, how long can we live (part 2) – What will that mean ?

I was discusing to my son a few days ago about what he wants to do now that he’s graduated with a design degree.  He’s talking about doing something that involves ‘making’.  I said that if […]

Life, how long can we live – and what will that mean (part 1)

The idea of people living considerably longer than their currently allotted lives is a recurring theme in science fiction.  In fact for many its more than a theme, it is a bedrock  assumption, a given.  […]