Some things I would ban in the future

thinking1I’m off on holiday for a few weeks so while I’m away a couple of more frivolous blogs.  Although they may get you thinking.  As a writer of sci-fi I thought they should be based (loosely) on the future.  So first I have been thinking of some of those things I would, given my choice, ban:

1)      Airport queues

I don’t mind the flying, but what I don’t like are airports.  Maybe it’s because as I’m writing this I’m contemplating my holiday, but I can’t help thinking the whole airport experience could be better.  I understand all the needs for security, but it seems to me you are treated like mindless cattle, herded from one queue to another.  Then when you do get into the departure ‘lounge’ they corral you into a small space where it seems to be more about getting you to part with your money than passenger comfort.  And guess what, when you get off the plane, prepare to be treated like cattle again.

2)      Shaving

Why?  I know it doesn’t take long, but most men out there I’m sure would agree it’s a pain.  Also you can guarantee the time you are in the most hurry is when you’ll knick yourself, which then takes an hour to stop bleeding.  The other time you knick yourself of course is when you are wearing a white shirt.  So I’d ban it, at least for those like me who hate it.  Or maybe I should grow a beard.

3)      Those adverts

OK I know commercial TV channels have to have advertising.  But do there have to be so many? And so many breaks?  If I can, I record and skip the ads.  However, I do like to watch sport and have loved the World Cup and the Tour de France etc.  But the ad breaks – always the same ads, sometimes repeated in the same ad break.  Do they think bombarding us like that works?  If anything it makes me less likely to buy.  Perhaps they think that if they hit us hard enough and often enough we’ll be brainwashed or just submit.  Surely a well-made, entertaining and informative ad placed at strategic times would be more successful?

4)      Spam e-mails

Does anyone read them? Why do they do it?  Am I going to buy something because someone sends me an unsolicited obviously spam e-mail?

5)      Spam phone calls

Same as spam e-mails.  In some ways these are worse.  You’re doing something important, difficult to interrupt, the phone rings, you break off, dash to pick it up and:  It’s a survey; I’m not trying to sell you anything (yes you are); Do you know, etc. etc.  Or…, the even worse the line goes dead and you end up shouting at nobody.

6)      Plastic packaging that can’t be recycled?

I find the whole ‘what plastic can be recycled and what can’t’ confusing.  In this world of ours where resources are being used up, the seas are awash with plastic bags and other garbage that is going to be around for thousands of years why are companies allowed to use any packaging that is not recyclable?, unless there is really no choice.  Then, if there is no choice it should be clearly marked ‘not recyclable’ and a reason given.

7)      Plastic packaging you can’t get in to.

Following on from 6) that hard moulded plastic packaging (can it be recycled?) that is almost impossible to get into unless you have a pair of heavy duty scissors handy and even then you run the risk of lacerations.  Why does anyone think this is a good idea?

I’m sure there are many more – let me know your pet hates.

Ian Martyn

Author: Ian Martyn

Science Fiction Writer

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