Things that I think should be invented in the future

thinking1Continuing with my holiday blogs and last week’s ‘Things I would ban in the future’, I thought this time I would have a look at some things I think might improve my life: 1)      Self-drive car to get you back from the pub. OK this implies I drink a lot, I don’t.  But sometimes I go out with a group of friends and no-one want to volunteer to drive.  So then there’s the hassle of trying to get an understanding family member to take us and ordering a taxi home.  With all this talk of self-drive cars I don’t think a car that can take me home from the pub is too much to ask. 2)      Beam me up Scottie – please. I love going on Holiday (as you read this I should be somewhere on Cape Cod).  It’s the fun, the excitement, the anticipation etc. etc.  But, when it comes to the return journey, I just want to get home.   So that instant transporter from Star Trek is a must. 3)      A caps lock key that knows when I’ve pressed it by accident. Am I the only one who looks up from the key board to see half of what I’ve typed in caps?  Surely a half intelligent computer must realise that that is not normal?  That you don’t start a word in lower case, go in to upper case half way throUGH AND THEN CONTINUE IN UPPER CASE.  There’s spell check, grammar check, why not upper case check?  Or perhaps you have to double click the upper case key to get it to stay on, at least that limits the damage to one character 4)      A spectacle/wallet/phone/car keys tracking device I’m leaving the house, I’m in a hurry.  Its then I have to play hunt the car keys/wallet/phone/glasses.  It may be one or any combination, or even the worst case scenario all four.  In these days of chipping everything how about a tracking device for the things you lose most often.  OK you may have spotted the flaw in this i.e. what happens when you can’t find the tracking device?  So you put the tracking device in your watch.  Or each of those can track the other.  It’s rare you lose all four and even if you did when you found one, you could find the others. 5)      Grass that grows then stops You’ve got it a non-mowing lawn.  It’s not that it takes a long time to cut the grass I have, it’s just that I can always think of better things to do. 6)      One lead/fitting for everything In this modern world, like most people, I have a plethora of small electronic devices.  All of them come with their own, often unique charger and or USB lead.  At one time at least the apple devices all had the same system, then I buy a new ipod and guess what, it’s a new lead.  I have so many that I struggle to remember which lead is for which device.  When I go on holiday I have to pack a bag of them.  Not only that I have to remember one for every device.  I can’t help feeling there must be simple solution for this. 7)      A memory upgrade And here I don’t mean for my computer, but for me.  How many times do I go into a room only to have forgotten what I’ve gone for?  Or I go in to a room, get distracted and come out with something I didn’t go in for.  Nueral nets, brain enhancements are common place in science fiction.  I’ll be first in the queue. As always I look forward to hearing what would be top of your list for those future inventions. Ian Martyn

Author: Ian Martyn

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2 thoughts on “Things that I think should be invented in the future”

  1. Love your list – most of those items would be on my own list too.
    The computer thing though, my laptop puts a big closed padlock icon on the middle of my screen for several seconds after I press the caps key, and an open padlock when I press it again, so unless I do it accidentally and don’t look at the screen for a while, I can’t miss what I’ve done.
    Only half way there, as the potential is still there to miss it, but it has saved me quite a few times already from wasting unnecessary typing time.

    1. I’m sure I can think of many more – another blog maybe. Oh and I accidentaly hit the caps key whilst replying.

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