My monthly science round-up – 7)

So here we go with the seventh of my monthly science round-ups. As I have said before these are not in any order of importance, nor are the necessarily ‘important’ just because I have included […]

We are someone’s ancient history

I’ve been reading quite a bit of historical fiction recently, which as I blogged on some time ago, I think is a good source of inspiration for a science fiction writer in that it describes […]

Monthly science highlights – 6)

When I started these monthly blogs six months ago it was a bit of an experiment.  First, I wasn’t sure if I could keep it going, but if anything every month I come across more […]

My monthly science highlights – 5)

My monthly eclectic mix of science highlights have proved popular in 2015 so I’ll continue in 2016. As a science fiction writer I scan for such things a) because I’m interested and b) because you […]

My monthly science highlights – 2)

Yes, this is the second of my monthly science round-up blogs.  As I said last time they’re not in any order.  Nor are they necessarily of mind boggling importance, they are just things that have […]