What makes a good Fantasy read (or not) – 3)

In the first two blogs of this series I looked at what can stop me reading some sci-fi books.  So now as, I guess with most sci-fi fans, I also read Fantasy its only fair to turn my […]

What makes a good science fiction read (or not) – 2)

Last week I outlined my frustration with a book that I enjoyed reading on one level, but annoyed me on another, because the basic logic behind the story didn’t stand up.   This started me thinking […]

What makes a good science fiction read? Part 1)

This blog (and some future ones, I also want to cover the same for Fantasy) were prompted by two books I have read recently.  The first being ‘Zero Point (Owner Trilogy 2)’ by Neal Asher […]

8 Writers ‘Resolutions’

I’m calling these resolutions because it’s that time of year.  But they’re more a collection of things I know I need to do to “maximise my potential” (sorry that’s a phrase from a previous incarnation […]

I’ve finally e-published! – 13 things I’ve learnt

Yes I’ve finally done it.  Those are my books (link for more information) and they are available through Amazon on Kindle.  It’s been quite a journey.  I can’t believe it is five years since I walked out […]