My monthly science highlights – 3)

How the weeks fly. It’s the end of the month again and time for my own personal eclectic mix of picks in the world of science that have come to my attention in the last […]

Future housing – the only way is up?

First apologies for dragging up memories of the 1988 song by Yazz (and yes I did have to look it up).  As a purveyor of science fiction I am naturally interested in what the future […]

VW, global corporations – and the future

I write science fiction and I’m interested in the future, how it and we the human race, will turn out.  I just regret I won’t around to see most of whatever will take place.  I […]

Holiday inspiration – part1)

Bit of a risk this.  Normally when I go away I have a blog or two prepared and ready to go.  This time I decided to take inspiration from the holiday.  At least it seemed like […]

What will future generations make of us – part 2)

What will future generations make of us – part 2). Last week’s blog I admit got a bit serious.  But, that’s alright, and whether you agree or disagree with my position on what future generations […]