What will future generations make of us?

As a science fiction writer I am of course imagining what life will be like in the future, the technology and the worlds we humans will inhabit.  However, I’m also intrigued by what our societies […]

Information technology – who’s in charge?

Now I’m of an age where I can remember setting out on a car journey with just a map and a good idea of how to get there.  No satnav, no mobile phone and in […]

The natural world – be amazed.

Every year I go away for a weekend with a group of guys on a barge weekend.  That basically amounts to sixteen or so blokes on the canals in narrow boats for three days.  And […]

Technology – my love/hate relationship with it

The inspiration for this blog comes from the fact that I’m going on holiday for a week and as a regular blogger I will be releasing, promoting and tracking my blog while I’m away (hopefully).  […]

Politics, the future and science fiction

In the UK right now we are in the middle of election fever, or I guess for most of us election overload, to the point where you feel like shouting, please can we just vote […]