Life, how long can we live – and what will that mean (part 1)

The idea of people living considerably longer than their currently allotted lives is a recurring theme in science fiction.  In fact for many its more than a theme, it is a bedrock  assumption, a given.  […]

What does an android want from life?

What would a human like android want from life? Or are we humans just being mean making them look like us?

Robots, androids and intelligent machines – do we want them to look human?

Science fiction has always featured Robots – but do we want really want intelligent machines to look like us?

Chocolate biscuits / biscuits for writers – a critique

As a writer I spend a long time at the keyboard. Biscuits, and mainly chocolate ones, keep me going. But which are the best? A personal study.

Building a web site – the novice approach

Hours of sweat, swearing and frustration, but ultimately success.