Science fiction and science – chicken and egg?

So the chicken and egg conundrum, which comes first? I think the same is true of science and science fiction.  I was reminded of this by the recent pictures of the Spacex reusable booster coming […]

My monthly science highlights – 1)

  As a science fiction writer I regularly scan twitter and some of the news sites for the latest developments and discoveries in science.  You never know what might inspire, or weave itself into a […]

Information technology – who’s in charge?

Now I’m of an age where I can remember setting out on a car journey with just a map and a good idea of how to get there.  No satnav, no mobile phone and in […]

Robots – will they make us lazy?

I suppose I could rephrase this with ‘robots (machines) are making us lazy.’  Machines have and are increasingly ensuring that, in the west at least, fewer and fewer of us have jobs/lives that entail hard, […]

Go on – read some science fiction

OK, I know, I would say this, I’m a science fiction writer, and yes I hope at some point you might read mine.  However, there is a whole world (actually many worlds) of excellent science […]