Stephen Hawking and artificial intelligence

As I writer of science fiction Stephen Hawking’s pronouncment on this subject  was bound to grab my attention.  One of the most eminent scientists of our generation talking doom and gloom and the possible end of […]

Science fiction – dare to imagine

I see science fiction writers as those who dare to imagine, who aren’t restricted by what people think is possible or not.  Throughout history there have always been those who thought beyond the perceived wisdom […]

Intelligent machines, what will they do with us?

I’ve written a number of blogs on robots, androids and intelligent computers and where it might be heading.  We seem to see creating artificial intelligence as an inevitable goal.  I just wonder what we will […]

My top 5 science fiction inventions

When considering my top five science fiction inventions I have tried to leave out the obvious that form the backbone of science fiction.  Those are of course space travel and in particular faster than light […]

Robots, androids and intelligent machines – what next?

I wrote a blog with this same title back in September 2012, with the added caveat, ‘do we want them to look human’ rather than, ‘what next?’.  It seems that this is a subject that […]