Science fiction and predicting the future

Everyone does it, trying to predict the future. Some are relatively small things, such as, holiday trends, mobile phone apps, whatever next big thing in fashion might be.  These are looking, perhaps, a few years […]

A transport vision for those megacities of the future.

A month or so ago I produced a series of blogs looking at what might become of our cities in the future. According to those that supposedly know, by the middle of this century it […]

Do you want to live in the high rise cities of the future?

Following on from my last blog ‘Where is society going? What will the future look like?’ I’ve done some thinking and a little digging.  Apparantly, by the middle of this century it is estimated that […]

Where is society going? What will the future look like?

In previous blogs I’ve looked a number of times at our possible future relationships, with robots, androids and other intelligent machines, which brings into question, for me, what it means to be human.  Another area […]

My top 5 science fiction inventions

When considering my top five science fiction inventions I have tried to leave out the obvious that form the backbone of science fiction.  Those are of course space travel and in particular faster than light […]