7 key things I’ve learnt from a year of blogging

It’s hard to believe it is a year since I set up this web site and started blogging.  One year on I’ve published two books for Kindle and over fifty blogs.  I’ve read a lot […]

The power of the short story – 5 reasons we should write them (and read them)

In previous blogs I have advocated blog writing as tool for improving your writing, whatever your genre or subject.  Here I want to champion short story writing.  Also the reading of short stories.  I think […]

Is e-publishing changing the length of a book?

Looking on my book shelves at some of the science fiction that first inspired me I see books that at most are 250 pages.  My copy of Asimov’s Foundation and Empire is less than 200 […]

What makes a good science fiction read (or not) – 2)

Last week I outlined my frustration with a book that I enjoyed reading on one level, but annoyed me on another, because the basic logic behind the story didn’t stand up.   This started me thinking […]

I’ve finally e-published! – 13 things I’ve learnt

Yes I’ve finally done it.  Those are my books (link for more information) and they are available through Amazon on Kindle.  It’s been quite a journey.  I can’t believe it is five years since I walked out […]