My monthly science highlights – 1)

  As a science fiction writer I regularly scan twitter and some of the news sites for the latest developments and discoveries in science.  You never know what might inspire, or weave itself into a […]

The universe – 15 mind boggling facts

I have a dictionary that I was given at Christmas when I was eleven and in my first year at secondary school.  On the blank opening page I wrote my name and address.  After the […]

Why we need space exploration

I know I’ve touched on this subject before and as a science fiction writer you might say I have a vested interest in extoling the view that, yes, the human race needs space exploration.  Now […]

Go on – read some science fiction

OK, I know, I would say this, I’m a science fiction writer, and yes I hope at some point you might read mine.  However, there is a whole world (actually many worlds) of excellent science […]

2014 – My blogging year

Well another year is almost over and I’m left wondering where some of it has gone.  As I get older I’m convinced someone is stealing the odd day from me here and there and over […]