Science fiction and science – chicken and egg?

So the chicken and egg conundrum, which comes first? I think the same is true of science and science fiction.  I was reminded of this by the recent pictures of the Spacex reusable booster coming […]

My monthly science highlights – 5)

My monthly eclectic mix of science highlights have proved popular in 2015 so I’ll continue in 2016. As a science fiction writer I scan for such things a) because I’m interested and b) because you […]

2015 – Inspiration from one writer’s year

I will start by saying it is impossible to look back on this year without being reminded of the many terrible events that have taken place.  And in many ways the world seems to have […]

My monthly science highlights – 3)

How the weeks fly. It’s the end of the month again and time for my own personal eclectic mix of picks in the world of science that have come to my attention in the last […]

My monthly science highlights – 2)

Yes, this is the second of my monthly science round-up blogs.  As I said last time they’re not in any order.  Nor are they necessarily of mind boggling importance, they are just things that have […]