What happens when robots and machines are smarter than us?

I’ve written a number of blogs that look at the issues around our (that is human) relationship with ever smarter machine intelligences and it continues to be a subject that fascinates me.  I think it […]

Is e-publishing changing the length of a book?

Looking on my book shelves at some of the science fiction that first inspired me I see books that at most are 250 pages.  My copy of Asimov’s Foundation and Empire is less than 200 […]

‘If it doesn’t move the story along, take it out,’ – good advice or not?

OK, hands up, who’s been given, or read the advice that: ‘if it doesn’t move the story along, take it out’?   Or at least words to that effect.  My guess is just about every writer […]

Space exploration and Scifi – why we need them both.

In the Saturday Times magazine of the 18th January I read the column by Caitlin Moran, as I usually do.  I like her irreverent somewhat sideways take on life.  It makes you smile, but also […]

What makes a good Fantasy read (or not) – 3)

In the first two blogs of this series I looked at what can stop me reading some sci-fi books.  So now as, I guess with most sci-fi fans, I also read Fantasy its only fair to turn my […]