Blogging – am I wasting my time?

In a recent series of blogs I described my experience of taking the James Patterson master class on writing.  This was triggered by the simple fact that I’m not selling many books, despite the fact […]

Monthly science highlights – 6)

When I started these monthly blogs six months ago it was a bit of an experiment.  First, I wasn’t sure if I could keep it going, but if anything every month I come across more […]

A writer’s resolutions for 2016

OK, I make writing resolutions every year.  Do they help?  Yes, I think they do.  It’s good to focus your mind at the beginning of a new year on what you would like to achieve, concentrate on, […]

2015 – Inspiration from one writer’s year

I will start by saying it is impossible to look back on this year without being reminded of the many terrible events that have taken place.  And in many ways the world seems to have […]

Blogging ‘how to’ part 3 – be patient!

When I started with what I’d learnt in over two years of blogging, I hadn’t intended to have a series of three more ‘how to’ blogs.  However, from some of the comments these have been […]