Is it just me? – Adverbs

I don‘t know maybe it’s an allergy I have, or perhaps it’s more like a food intolerance i.e. when I see a liberal sprinkling of adverbs I become intolerant to them. For example I began […]

Meet “Bleak” – a human shapeshifter

If you’ve read my recent blog you’ll know that I’ve re-launched my book Bleak – The story of a shapeshifter.  From the feedback I’ve had, verbally, via e-mail and reviews, those who’ve read the book have […]

Science fiction – how much world building?

I suppose when it comes to world building converting a book to the big (or small) screen is the ultimate, in that someone has done all the work for you.  However, I sometimes think rendering […]

Science fiction author + Holiday = Inspiration

The joy of a holiday to me is that I’m away from all those little chores that have to be done and in a world of things I want to do, which I have to […]

My writing – going back to basics 3)

At the risk of repeating myself I decided that a little help from an author than has sold millions of books world-wide couldn’t do any harm.  So I signed up for his masterclass and committed […]